Monthly Archiv: August, 2019

5 Great Birthday Treats for Him

Once his gifts are opened and the cake and ice cream consumed, it’s time to take the birthday boy out on the town for a night that he’ll never forget. No matter what birthday he is celebrating, a plethora of exciting activities are perfect for birthday celebrations. Regardless of his interests or style, there are many ways to celebrate an unforgettable birthday.

1- Clubs & Bars

Bars and clubs serve beer, have dance floors and loud music, plenty of fun games, friends and socialization, and plenty of fun for the guy who loves a lively scene on the town. Many establishments offer a free drink to the birthday boy, which makes the night a little more exciting.  Be sure to have a designated driver before you head out to Philly’s best clubs and bars for a night of unforgettable birthday fun.

2- Strip Club

Every man loves a beautiful woman in the nude. For the guys who want it in live action, a visit to a Gentlemen’s Club in Philadelphia is in order. The strip club is similar to an ordinary club, except the women take the stage to entertain the guys and gals. There’s plenty of music and liquor and of course, nude fun for all 21-up guys.

3- Party at the House

Some men would rather avoid the large crowds of people and stay home for his birthday. And while it’s perfectly fine to stay in, don’t allow it to be another boring night spent watching television. Bring the party to the house. It’s cheaper than a night out on the town and misses out on the crowds of people that some people despise. There are tons of party ideas that can make his birthday the best one yet. Let your creativity flow to find the perfect birthday ideas for a party at home.

4- Sports


Whatever his favorite sport, arrange tickets to a game or even a party on the court or field. If scoring tickets to the game is easy and affordable, buy them and take him out to the ball game. He’ll surely love this night. Whether baseball, football, basketball, golf, tennis, or other sport has his heart, there are tons of ways to celebrate a sports-themed birthday that he will appreciate.

5-Star Dinner

It’s not every day we have the opportunity to feast upon 5-course meals at fancy restaurants. Such a meal is oftentimes expensive and reserved for a very special occasion. Why not head out to a reservations-only restaurant to enjoy an exquisite meal for his birthday? You’ll love the divine menu selections, the ambiance, and the overall experience at a 5-star restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Birthdays come and they go but make sure each one is filled with a plethora of excitement in between. If you want that special man in your life to have an unforgettable birthday, take him out on the town for one or more of the events above. These are a few of the many ideas for birthday fun for guys of all ages.