How to Pay Homage to The Grateful Dead

Are you a Grateful Dead fan or are you a true Grateful Dead fan? Yes, there is a big difference between the two and it’s time to separate yourself from the crowd. If you’d like to fit into the latter category, there are some things that you should do to show that you truly love the band. Some of the biggest and best ways to show your love for the band are listed below.

Visit the Museum

grateful dead in coloradostarting a blog

A trip to Colorado is in the future if you call yourself a true Grateful Dead fan. The Colorado Hall of Fame is home to an awesome museum that tributes the band. You’ll love this amazing collection of artifacts, information, photographs, and more from the grateful dead in colorado. With so many other fun things to do in the beautiful state, it’s worth the trip no matter where you are located in the U.S.

Play the Music

The best way to show your love to the Grateful Dead is to play their music. Play it in the car when you’re traveling, play it in the headphones when you need great tunes. Play it when friends are near and when you’re alone. There is never a wrong time to get lost in the sounds of the Dead.

A Dead Concert

Tons of bands serve as tribute bands to the Dead. Catch one of these bands the next time they are in town and get your fix of the music, the vibe, and the fun.  Tickets are cheap and it’s an event that you will love!


A slew of clothing donning images, logos, and other images of the Grateful Dead are available. T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, scarves, and an assortment of other goodies for guys and gals make paying homage to the great’s simple. Take your pick and show your love wherever you travel.

Start a Blog

If you are a blogger, why not blog about the band that you love? It’s a great way to start conversation with others, to find new friends, and otherwise enjoy your free time. Best of all, starting a blog is simple and free. No prior skills are needed to start this grateful journey!


Magazines, books, and articles featuring The Grateful Dead are available.  Acquire any or all of these publications to learn more about the band, the music, and their significance in history. You’ll learn more about them through the museum tour as well, but the firsthand information is exciting. Besides, what else is there to do on a rainy day when you’re stuck in the house?

The Grateful Dead is one of the best bands to ever grace a stage or play a song. Are you a fan of the band and/or the music? If so, acclimate yourself better with the brand using some of the ideas above. Not only will you learn more about the Dead, but you’ll have an amazing time, too. Life’s too short to live it any other way.