How to Train a Horse to Jump

If you want to enter your horse into a competition or just have a party trick ready to show off, then you should be able to teach your horse to jump. Young horses are the best to train, as they are ready and able to start learning quickly, and will be hopping over low obstacles in no time.

First, always make sure you are wearing a helmet, have someone acting as a spotter, and are prepared to take your time. The horse might not get it on the first go, and at least one fall is probably likely in the early stages of training. Be cautious, and start out on low kids horse jumps to get your mount comfortable with jumping.

The first step is getting your horse used to moving over something, so lay a pole on the ground and try to get the horse to walk over it. You can also hand walk and lead the horse to the pole if needed, and just keep going until they are comfortable with it. Once they are, put several poles on the ground and have your horse walk and canter over them.

Next, put the poles closer together and get the horse trotting over them at a good speed. After a trip or two, he’ll keep up constant speed, and then you can add the jump. The jump will be a cross rail at the end of the trotting poles and will help your horse jump towards the middle over the rail. Add more cross rails at different distances and keep the horse jumping and running at the same rate of speed.

kids horse jumps

It’ll take some time and you’ll have to do it slowly, but once you get your horse used to the jumps, then he’ll be much more confident.