What is a Caricature?

You’ve probably seen this art style in political cartoons, comics, and even at fairs. But a caricature is a drawing where certain features of people are exaggerated or simplified to get a laugh. For example, let’s say you have long hair, and want to get a caricature drawing done of yourself. The artist might exaggerate your hair and make it so long it wraps around your character’s body in the picture.

Other examples of caricature are characters with overly big heads, faces, thin bodies, or other exaggerations. As is the case with mocking, it can be done either to mock or seriously hurt an individual to make a point. You might laugh if your long hair was the focus of a caricature picture, but if your weight was the focus you might find it hurtful.

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Look no further than political cartoons to find examples of both mocking and using the art style to make a point. But for most people, artists draw on the same deformities and differences that most people have, along with acquired characteristics. It’s mostly done in good fun and humor, and can be a great art style to get into.

Caricature rose with the rise of political cartoons in newspapers, where artists would draw about the politicians, political figures, and their own interpretations of the events of the day and time. While political cartoons are the main focus on caricature, they can also be used as gifts, souvenirs, and even funny prank gifts that people can all share a laugh over. If you are having an event, there’s also event entertainment marietta ga specialists that will do caricature drawings.

Look around and see what caricature opportunities are around you, and see what examples you can find to get a good chuckle out of!